Morning everyone

It’s done nothing but f**king rain in the last 24hrs 😟 I’ve had to put a life jacket on the dog 🐕😂 I’ve been watching loose women all week 🙄it’s a wonder l don’t have a period🤪

Poem by Chubbs..

I love a hairy fanny, sorry but you see, I can’t find a hairy fanny, well not one that just likes me

Do you know what the hardest thing about making love to an elephant is? it’s a long way round the front to kiss it 😂

Her Mother knocked on the door this morning in the pouring rain☔️ she was soaking wet, l said “don’t stand there dripping! go home”😬Dogs Breath (the Wife) said “can she come to Spain on holiday with us?” I said “WHAT! I’d sooner they bring the death penalty back”😁 I said “tell her we are going sky diving, then climbing Everest! that’ll put her off”🤭

Her Mothers a bit prudish, a car mounted the pavement outside her house, so she threw a bucket of water💦 over it 😂🤣🤪

Her Mother said “I’m sorry about last year, you see I have one gin and tonic and l feel it 🍸I said “we know.. then you have two gin and tonics! And you let anyone feel it!!”🙄

I’m as sick as a Polar bear with the flu 🤧

Her Mothers not a full shilling🤪 she keeps falling off her motorbike 🏍 ever since she sold the sidecar 😂

She once said “how do chickens lay those eggs🥚 inside those Gala pies?”🥧😬 f**k me 🙄

Right you lot, I’m going into the studios for a few days, l”ll get back to you all as soon as

Be happy and no sulking 😟

Have a nice weekend, I can’t wait to see you all 🙏

Big massive loves 👍🏼😀😀😀