Morning everyone

Good weekend?😀

Dogs Breath (the Wife)is not pleased 😁 l took the batteries out of her vibrator! to use in the TV 📺 remote 🤪

She’s just said “on my birthday can l have a Rolex?” I said “what’s wrong with a Timex?” she said “a Rolex goes faster”🙄talk about tik! We had the radio on📻 and a tune was playing, she said “is that the carpenters?” I said “yes they are putting windows in next door”🤣👍

Do you know, l once worked with a duo called Benson & Hedges, all they did was smoke 💨😂

She said “l hated it when we used to make love when you smoked! 😟 l couldn’t balance the ash tray on my arse” 😩

It never stopped raining ☔️last week🌧, but the sun ☀️ is out today, l can feel another hose pipe ban coming on 🤭 So if it gets any warmer, leave your shirts on! wasps can fly and they love to eat skin 👀

A Poem by ChubbsMy back aches, my leg aches My new dentures make me sick, But what l miss most of all..Is some pussy on my dick 🤣

We drove to Leyburn for a day out, what a lovely place, a proper market town, everyone’s on horseback🤣 I only had enough money for one ice cream🍦the wife’s face was longer than ETs phone bill 😬f**k off! she got a lick 👅

I love you all, be kind to each other 👍🏼👍🏼

👍🏼Everyone Stay Safe