Hi everyone ✋

Well the fucking heat is that bad, I’ve had to think of G Cummins to get a cold chill down my spine 😬 We watched the telly last night, and the wife said “I’d love a man with a Moustache” I said “is that why you’ve grown one 😀 It was that warm last night she said “we need a bigger bed 🛌 there’s not enough room to swing a cat 🐈 in this one! I said “we’ll just have to buy a smaller cat!”😂

I was writing a letter, and Dogs Breath (the Wife) leaning over my shoulder said “you write very sexy! It’s a pity you don’t have more lead in your pencil”✏️ She’s a swine 😏 I said to her “it’s not like you to be funny splitarse!!” I can understand a woman losing a button but not a f**king buttonhole ☹️

They are saying, they might take down Eric Morecambes Statue🙁 apparently because it reminds us of a time when we loved to laugh 😂 fucking idiots!!

Dogs Breath (the wife) shouts! “I’ve got diarrhoea, do we have anything for it?” I said “yes a f**king bucket”😂😂 (she hates my jokes)😩

This time last year, l pulled a hamstring during the London marathon! I leapt off the couch too quick 🤪 The only exercise I get is in the bedroom, and that’s just trying to catch the bitch!! 😬 She said to me, you’re oversexed 😬 she’s right though, any girl whistles at me, and I get a hard on 😂😂 You start sleeping with a woman, and before long they want to know your f**king name 🙄🤪 If they gave out medals🎖for shagging fat women, I’d win gold every time 👍🏼

It’s that warm now, I’m just going to buy an ice cream🍦so I can sit in it🤪

Big massive loves 🙏🙏🙏

Everyone Stay Safe