Morning Everyone

A guy said to me “I saw you at Butlins in 1974, it cost 2 quid a ticket, I said “it’s 5 quid a ticket just to leave now” 🤣🤣 I remember the organisers were putting me on stage after 10pm so I didn’t frighten the kids😬 Those red coats are a bunch of lunatics!😳 Great days, as you know the winter finished on June the 1st and summer starts on June the 2nd 🤪 Those chalets they slept in were wall to wall syphilis😷 At the bar, anyone who didn’t try to pass a forged £5 note got a discount 😁 It’s a family place, I saw one family share a table, one got the legs another got the glass top and the 3rd one got the tablecloth 🤪 Someone said “it’s our last supper” I said “Oh! is Jesus coming?” (they didn’t get it)😂😂 The manager was Slick, he wore a carnation in his lapel, he’d f**ked more models than Bulimia! 😯But not me, I’ve got a body like a dinner lady, strange how I’m not sexy, but my pubic hairs are fifty shades of grey 😂😁

I must tell you, a mate of mine who is a midget, got a job as a Jehovah’s Witness, that didn’t last long.. he couldn’t reach the f**king doorbells 😂

We’ve had a hectic weekend, I’ve never been so buggered since I dropped the soap in the prison shower 😲👍

I’m unlucky me, when my mother was told that I may be diabetic, she kept singing to me🎤 a Spoonful of Sugar 🎶 bastard 😂

Remember! tomorrow is the same as today, it’s just not arrived yet.

Be good, and don’t go shopping to Leicester, it’s closed for now!

Stay healthy please

Everyone Stay Safe😷😷😷