Good morning everyone 😀

I woke up yesterday to the news about Elvis’s grandson, what a shock! and what a troubled family, He shot himself 😕 Lisa Marie is All shook up, but that’s the Wonder of you, being In the Ghetto, with Pork Salad Annie, did he Love her Tender? in His Blue Suede Shoes, with His Suspicious Mind, it’ll be a Blue Blue Christmas 🎄 without him, he was Young and Beautiful, or was he a Devil in Disguise, a Teddy Bear 🧸 who wouldn’t have been in a Jailhouse Rock! (Sorry 😐 you can tell l was an ELVIS fan)

And was Marie the name of is latest flame 🔥🤔

Somebody said to me “Comedy must be in your blood” I said “l wish it was in my act🤣

So how is everyone doing?😀

l always thought Jesus was born in a stable because he couldn’t get a council house 🤨 it’s ok, I’m as useless as an Air freshener in a sewer😷

My pal said “does pussy taste like apple pie 🥧” l said “l wouldn’t know? lve never tasted apple pie 🤪

The weathers getting warmer hurray

I’ll text later 😇

Everyone Stay Safe 👍🏼